Sunday, 10 June 2012

How to create a stop motion video. (post production)

If you have shot all the photos of your animation and now you want to make the video, this is how you can do it.
With free software and simple ways.

First put all your photos in a folder and put the photos in a number or alphabetic order like: 000.1 000.2 000.3
or IMG_1 IMG.2 IMG. etc

Now you are going to use free software like JPGVIDEO
After you have installed the software run it and choose you photos on the JPG directory.
On output you have to choose where your video will be saved.
You can choose how many frames per second you want but I recommend you to choose between 10-25.
Click OK and wait until your video is created.

There is also a more complicated but far better free software like ANIMATORDV SIMPLE+
It is a wonderful software with a lot of options.

This is how simple you can create an animated video.
For more effects in your video you can use free software like Window Movie Maker.

Good Luck!!

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